Before and After – Cowboy

Before and after photos of a cowboy on his horse at sunset requiring extensive Photoshop work. This photo was created for Getty Images as a stock photo created from two separate shots. It required quite a bit of work to make the cowboy look as if he was silhouetted against  the sunset. Grab the bar in the center and drag to see before and after the adjustments.

4 Responses to “Before and After – Cowboy”

  1. C says:

    This is a great photo.
    You obviously know what you are doing with your photo editing programs.
    That is rare.
    However, I would have gone so far with the post processing. It is almost too dark in some places.
    Overall, great picture though. 🙂

    • Administrator says:

      Thanks for the complement… I do know my photo editing 😉 The “before” image has already been composited and retouched. I intended to make this image dark and dramatic — since I was the client that’s how it turned out. I appreciate your comment though.

  2. Love this shot! I’m a sucker for horses, so that’s part of it, this would look great on a canvas too, almost like a painting now.

    • pnealey says:

      Thanks Dawn… Yes I’m sure it would look great on canvas! Would make a nice sample…

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