The Baker, Flour and Dough

This is one of my favorite photos. It was shot in the studio to look like it was natural light however I used strobes*. It was originally done as a portfolio image but has always sold well as a stock photo.

Baker prepping work suface

You can license it as a stock photo at Getty Images HERE

*For those of you interested in the technical details: This was shot with a 6×6 silk(diffusion panel) to the left and a white foamcore flat for fill on the right. For several shots in this series I used two Speedotron heads positioned to shoot through the silk and changed their position depending on the look I was after. I sometimes gelled the head in front warmer and the one in back cooler. Where the light overlapped they in effect canceled each other out but added depth of color to my eye. I think it also gives the effect of the mixed lighting you might encounter on a location with warmer interior lights and cooler window light (just the thing we try to eliminate on location). The effect can be very subtle as in the above shot or can be more pronounced depending on the subject and how you position the lights (and of course how much you gel the lights).

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