How to use this site

Photographer Philip NealeyWelcome to To best use this site think about it more as a blog than just a portfolio site. When you roll over the home page images you will see a “tool tip” near your mouse cursor. This will give you the title of the post it links to — this should give you a good idea of what it’s about.

The “portfolios” menu item will take you to galleries of images named appropriate for its content.

Categories will display all the posts in a particular category. “Retouching – Before and After lists several posts with images where you can drag back and forth on an image to reveal its before and after state — it’s a pretty cool effect (IMHO).

The menu Item “Information” lists pages that contain stuff about me, my services, pricing etc.

The site is a work in progress so check back regularly for updates (I have major sections to fill). I will try to post when things have changed so you should subscribe to the feed, follow me on Twitter or Facebook (see below).

For those of you who follow — I will be integrating it with so most of the new posts will be here. I’m still working things out at the moment so stay tuned.