Omaha Riverfront Pictures

The Missouri river is nearing or at record heights and threatening  to flood towns along the river  in Nebraska and Iowa. If your from the area you are well aware of whats happening. Sections of I-29 in Iowa are already closed. Today I took a trip down to the riverfront and took a few pictures at the Bob Kerry Pedestrian Bridge. The city is busy preparing for the College Word Series this week, and it looks like the flooding  it will have minimal impact on the games. Our thoughts are with those  who are being affected by the rising flood waters. Here’s a link to Douglas County Emergency Management for more information or where you can volunteer.

Click on an image for a larger view

The view from the Omaha side of the Missouri River, Bob Kerry Pedestrian Bridge


Omaha Skyline from the Iowa side of the rising Missouri River


Omaha from a flooded parking garage across the river.

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