What does a “Preferred Vendor” offer?

UNMC has spent much time, effort and money, carefully crafting a new Brand Identity. As a reminder of what this means to you and me here is a quote (in part) from Harold M. Maurer, MD Chancellor from the Brand Identity Guide.

“And while we have made much progress in transforming our identity here on our campus, we now must work together to do the same with our external identity—our brand—on our campuses and in communities throughout the state and beyond. The brand of UNMC is comprised of the set of impressions the general public has of us. Every alum and member of the UNMC community represents the brand in his or her day-to-day work. And the brand is reinforced by signage, advertising, publications, the web, and presentations—items over which we have control and through which we can shape impressions.

These guidelines have been developed to assist all those who communicate about UNMC in:

  • expressing a single, clear, consistent visual identity that helps unify all UNMC entities while differentiating us from competitors and partners
  • creating and reinforcing impressions defining UNMC as a vital force in Nebraska and the world; and
  • standardizing UNMC’s visual representation across applications and in all media.”

Dynamic Photography

No doubt, as a UNMC communicator you are familiar with these guidelines. One of the six core elements of UNMC’s visual identity is Dynamic Photography.  How does UNMC promote its brand through photography? First, by using photographers who’s style complements their brand.  A committee of professionals chosen from all areas of UNMC and Partner organizations, spent months reviewing proposals and portfolios from more than twenty five professional photographers. Proposals were evaluated on Creativity of photography, professional reputation, and lastly pricing. Three photographers were chosen whose work, the committee felt best represented the style of dynamic photography outlined in the branding guidelines. I am honored to be among those three. I continue to work hard at producing work that exceeds expectations.

So what does that mean to you?

Yes it is true it may limit your choices of photographer (see the policy here). You can be assured, however, whichever of the preferred photography vendors you choose will produce the type of dynamic, quality, photography that supports the branding message. In addition our pricing and policies have already been carefully reviewed and pre-negotiated. You can trust that you are getting a good value for your budget dollars. Ultimately you and your department benefits from the hours of hard work people have put in to creating the guidelines and selecting quality vendors.

But can I get it done cheaper?

Not really. True, you can always find someone to do it cheaper. In turn, there are many photographers whose rates are much higher, but producing “dynamic photography” takes time and effort. UNMC did it’s due diligence in finding photographers who could provide the quality desired at a good value.  To create a beneficial relationship, UNMC understands its vendors need to be profitable to sustain a business. Photographers have a substantial investment in education, equipment and overhead. They also must pay for their own insurance and retirement. If you were to post your job as an opening right now, how many people would do it for  a little less pay? The saying  “You get what you pay for” is true, but in this case you can be sure your getting the most for what you pay.

One area that creates confusion in the methods used to price photography. Photographers  typically estimate by the project for design Firms, ad agencies, and corporate communications departments. They take into consideration the complexity of the project and the final use of the photos in determining a fee. Executive Headshots on the other hand, are charged as a flat fee per person, usually with a minimum. Wedding and portrait photographers have session fees and then have print and album packages. Since many UNMC communicators may not hire commercial photographers on a regular basis, we are making an effort to translate our negotiated pricing structure to a more simplified flat fee for Corporate headshots and portraits.  In order to provide an even better value we are trying to implement UNMC Picture days, where we set up at one location to photograph employees headshots. For more info on that see Sponsor a UNMC Picture Day! . We are also more than happy to assist you personally with an estimate for your photography.

 Do your part to make UNMC’s branding initiative effective.

From the Branding Guidelines:

“One of the most effective and com- pelling tools for expressing the char- acter of the UNMC brand is the use of dynamic photography. Through careful planning, execution, and application of photography we have the opportunity to raise our visibility mind share within a competitive market.”

As a preferred vendor of photography it is our job to help you make your communications more effective, and we’re trying to do our part. But it is also our sincere desire to make your job easier. Please let us know what we can do to help you in your efforts.



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